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Yash Raj Films, the company leading the films entered for the first time in South India, 'Aha Kalyanam. Bollywood hit movie 'Band Baja Bharath to remake it. Nani, Vani Kapoor starring as the hero and the heroine of the new director of this film directed by Gokul Krishna. The film was released across Andhra Pradesh to this day. Let us now see how this film.
Plus Points:
'Band Baja Bharath movie film, cast net. He also starred in the movie, as well as correctly Aha Kalyanam. Tapori made Nani scene, performance is very good. It is also one of the original version of the hero of the film reminds us to keep ranvir Singh appeared to understand the how much good Performance ayyindanukunta Nani ..
It is the first film starring Vani Kapoor in the south. The film earned her a good name. Performed very well, but his difficult character. Nani, to vani some good chemistry. The first part of the film is as much entartaining.Songs, dance is good shot in the process. Another important thing to see in this film, shot in the romantic scenes are very good. Of the shoot is also good policy.
Minus points:
After seeing the trailer of the Tamil film of the film would feel. As well as the back drop of the film, the cast also belong to the Telugu film Because they do not connect. Weddings are made ​​in the film. But the absence of a minus Telugu Nativity.So much does not have the depth of the emotional scenes in the second half. Second half blown out expected. From knowing well, Feels Like stretched. 'Band Baja Bharath, as well as how the' AhaKalyanam, was constructed. blown out of the scenes, as well as playing in the Hindi version.
Another minus point of the film actors. While the rest of the characters rather than the hero and the heroine less impressed. Nani is wearing on his shoulders alone, the amount of the film succeeded. Special role in the film is not as big as Simran help.

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