Director Balu Mahendra Dies.!

Famous South India, especially in the Tamil industry and lejandri director Balu Mahendra died on this day. 74-year-old Balu Mahendra illnesses badapadutunna the last few days in a private hospital in Chennai, he passed away in the day.
Balu Mahendra was born on 20 May 1939, the South Indian film as a cinematographer in the field rather than as a director, as a writer, editor, and producer and worked in many movies. The two Nandi Awards, and won many Filmfare Awards.He is rather than a Tamil movie Sadma with Kamal, Telugu 'Nireekshana' alahe impressive movies. I was delighted an incurable so long lejandri director industry.
Balu Mahendra's death worrying in would condolences on behalf of the members of his family.

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