Kick sequel to the green signal.!

‘Kick’ sequel related to the news was pullstop. Recently a news has come to light in relation to whose. The movie will go on sets from June vellabotunnatlu information.Ravi Teja – Surrendar reddy combination in come ‘kick’ will have to be hit this sequel to do surrendar reddy always plan scored. Meanwhile alluarjun with ‘Race Gurram’ doing with this project slightly was postponed.Kick story also ready being in june set on the expected to this director.
Producer of the film has been kalyan ram. Kalyanram covered a huge span 'Atanokkade' tollywood was introduced by the director Surender Reddy. He was taken flap movie producer losses in a row, Surender plan sequel kick had been gattekkincalane telling industry. Hence the hero of Ravi Teja. The Mass Raja 'Power' movie playing. The sequel sets kick upward within the 'Power' shooting occurs compliting. 

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