Paisa Movie Review | Rating : 3/5

Release Date: 07 February 2014 Rating: 2.5 / 5 
Director: Krishna Vamsi
Producer: Ramesh puppala 
Music: Sai Karthik 
Cast: Nani, Catherine trisa
+allheroheroinephotos Young Hero Nani and Krishna vamsi came in the combination of commercial entertainment film 'Paisa. These days, a lot of unreleased film finally released on February 7. Ramesh puppala for the film producer Sai Karthik Music director. Catherine, siddika Sharma as Heroines starring in the movie, let's see how
Plus Points:
Nani played the role of Prakash, very energetic. Take a look at how he's doing whatever the young people of the Old City, in the rough look of the film was done. To for him in the car 50 crore dorakinappudu Performance was very good.
Catherine is beautiful to watch. Siddika impressed with his glamor. Few scenes in this film are very good, for example, the interval and the second half of the black people in the hawala money, so we're looking for is to miss some of the scenes. As well as of the policy looks good to shoot a few songs.

Minus points:
Krishna vamsi has a style typical of some of the top scenes. Significant direct and in many places, minus the film is playing too fast. Some loop holes in the film, as well as a lot of the story are scenes that do not have proper justification.In the film, Krishna Vamsi Between the values ​​of the film are a great technology. Charminar with VFX background is very very pretty, it's true.
Put it in the camera, without a critical angles, effects have been doing in the shoot. They do a little irritating. I did try a lot of thinking to make a real Krishna Vamsi. But it did not. The emotion of the scenes in the first half of the film failed to connect to the audience to feel as the audience will be bored.

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